How to dress yourself and look good

“What has been lost today is the distinction between reality and appearance that are constantly mixed in a kind of slime. The simulations, visualization without a precise reference to reality, are mixed with real life in such a way that individuals give up the distinction between the various levels and in so doing contribute to their confusion. Fashion images have real effects on reality, the real one.

Why? First of all because the huge public perceives them as commercial communication and therefore, unlike what it would do in dialogue with a work of art, refers to them in a sense and on the basis of an implicit hypothesis of continuity between the images themselves and everyday life. In other words, fashion images are not perceived as “another” world with respect to everyday life, but on the contrary as a foreshadowing of absolutely achievable goals and desires. On the other hand, as it aims to sell products, advertising actively works to reduce the perception of the distance between the ideal worlds it proposes and real life. The particularly feminine body structures that are proposed cannot be considered “ideals” in the aesthetic sense of the term, but rather the social models that are proposed to imitate the public. Furthermore, the proposal as a universe of achievable desires is essential for the very existence of the fashion industry as well as for cosmetics. In fact, the advertising of companies in both sectors is always played with the more or less implicit promise that the purchase of such products or clothing, you will be able to resemble the figure portrayed or to adopt his lifestyle. In this project I alter the images found in various fashion magazines. By modifying and crumpling them, I tried to restore the world of fashion for what it really is: a world distorted and far from reality and too often not perceived as not real.